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sn_roadhouse's Journal

SN_Roadhouse: In Kripke we trust...Do you?
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Supernatural discussion, art, and fanfic.
Hello and welcome to the SN_Roadhouse community.

The creator and maintainer of this community wishes to establish a place for mature and lively discussion of the CW TV show Supernatural.

Here are some guidelines:

‘Ship’ friendly:
Ever feel like you’re the only one who wants Dean to find love? Were you rooting for Sam/Ava? Did you actually like Cassie and Jo? Then this community is for you! We support and encourage those who like the idea of shipping in Supernatural. Fiction and discussion are welcome.

Female friendly:
If you don’t throw a fit every time a new woman is introduced into SN then this is the place for you.

It isn’t all about Dean:
Are you a fan of other cast members? Gordon, Bobby, and even fans of the Yellow eyed demon are welcome.

In Kripke we trust:
If you feel like Kirpike actually knows what he’s doing, and you have confidence and respect for the man and his creative team of writers. Then come on in.

Slash friendly:
The creator of this comm does not believe that ‘slash’ and wincest are mutually exclusive. Therefore any fiction and discussion based around topics such as 'Dean/Gordon' and even 'Sam/OMC' (these are only examples) are welcome.

This community is wincest-free and will not accept any pertaining or containing that subject matter. All wincest posts will be rejected.

All RPS and/or RPF fiction or any other items pertaining to that will be deleted as well.

This comm accepts polls, fan fiction, icons, artwork, news, episode reviews, topics, musings, and discussion.

Please clearly mark and rate all of your fan fiction with the appropriate content warnings, and please keep your fiction behind an LJ cut.

Also please mark all episode spoilers and place them behind a cut as well.

Now that that is out of the way….come in…and have fun! :)

Thank you